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About Studio

Studio NB is a Studio of creative design and brand communications. We are united by the desire to embody innovative ideas and experience in the field of design. We are interested in the world and the world of interest in us!

We are carried away by new ideas. We create brand strategies, advertising campaigns, layouts of outdoor advertising, visual communications, styles of companies, packaging and much more.

Our mission

Our mission is to make fascinating, interesting and vivid solutions for the promotion of brands and businesses and building nice and friendly dialogue with the consumer. We also provide professional design support to companies.


The main principle of work


A team of experts in their field, such as art directors, creative people, and designers works on each project. Our goal is to develop a design corresponding to modern trends, and perform the only one task of increasing profits of the customer’s company.

Our philosophy


We do not simply create a layout, but think over each project - why shall we make it this or that way, why shall we put this flourish here, is this color suitable here, etc. We generate ideas and reflect on their implementation to life. We think in images. Our visual projects give a clear message about things we offer by evoking the right emotions. Concepts are based on associative subtle nuances that harp upon the strings of intrinsic value of consumers. Graphics we create makes the audience’s brain generate images we need and evokes a positive necessary to brand. The whole studio staff is passionate about its work; we love our vocation, so we always work and create with inspiration. This fact is reflected in our work.

We let each project through and make it like "for ourselves." Therefore, we appreciate our work and we work with the companies who also appreciate and respect the creative work.

The way we help business

We raise business efficiency with thoughtful and competent design. We understand the main purpose of the client company and delve into the intricacies of the marketing process of a product presentation!

We listen to/ study/ and offer what you need




Our team

At the moment, we have specialists from different areas of design working in our studio. They are: graphic illustrators, interior designers, generators of new ideas, and consultants in areas, which are new to us and are available on need.

the art-director
She is bursting with energy. Knows everything, including the ways how to move from the general to the particular. :)
He is always on alert and offers the latest trends in design. Creativity is his second name.
She can do everything and even more; masterly works with the tablet. She is able to draw the thing the Customer dreamt of but didn’t even have time to tell about it yet.
content and SMM- manager
Creates a unique and interesting text for your customers :)