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Studio offers the following graphic design services.

Logo design

Everyone knows that the perfect logo does not become out of date with laps of time but becomes the foundation of your company's image. It can become a brand bringing profit to your company. Therefore, our studio takes the creation of a new brand with all seriousness. After filling in a detailed application form, we ask you a lot of questions in order to fully grasp and understand the strategy work, as well as individuality of your company. We analyze and study all the details; create sketches, delve into the information received and form an associative array of pictures, photos, and colors. As a result we get a visual image that plays the most important role in a brand communication with the consumer and captures the mood. Bright branding ideas, naming, exclusive font tracing, professional approach.

Corporate identity creation

Beginning with the name creation and market positioning and to visual identification systems we form a positive image of the brand. The studio always looks for new, exciting and vibrant strategies of brand communication. We form elements of corporate identity, such as logo, style, color and emotional components, graphical elements of corporate identity and an advertising concept vector. Taking logo as the basis we examine variants of color spots and lines of associative pictures. After the approval of the main element we form a communications network, which is essential to the brand; that is stationery, printing, navigation signs and other things. 

Advertising concepts


A stylish advertising campaign, which differs from the others. It can be organized when you have a strong design platform. Advertising draws attention only when it is designed correctly. Our studio offers a professional approach to the development of models for advertising, such as leaflets, posters and stickers. We love unusual projects and always surprise with excellent result, as we never stop until we get it. We analyze your business approach; highlight strengths in the advertising message. Then choose a successful image, an interesting solution. And after that we gather all the components into a common advertising concept. 

Packaging Design


Studio designers know well what kind of information and which way should be drawn on the packaging for its bright and attractive appearance could make a customer take it into his/her hands. We know that the competition between the products is very high; even a professional designer should think well in order to develop a product label even more original and unusual than its analogues represented in the market. To make that our studio audits the brand; the procedure includes the analysis of the competitive environment and the company's strengths, which will get an advantage over the other goods. Therefore, our whole studio gathers to discuss the ideas, as we take the design of the packaging with all responsibility and use the creative approach to it. Accordingly, we implement only the most interesting and effective ideas.

Website Design

 We can design a business card website, the individual corporate website, a promotional site, shop, etc. The effectiveness of a site as a marketing tool depends on its usability, appeal and style. We successfully solve these problems, and create

beautiful and stylish sites. You fill in an application form for the site development. We put in maximum of information, think over the way the pages will work and interact. Then we enter into a contract. We create a sketch of the main page and make corrections together with the customer. Move on through the pages. A unique site can be created only after thinking over all the details. Then it will be easier to download it without using additional elements in contrast to the standard version of the site. Exclusive site can be ordered at Studio NB.