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Our studio offered Durex to become the first company that knows everything about love.


A new product from Durex is a game for sexual partners. It brightens up sexual relationships and develops imagination for making feelings deeper. The essence of the game is simple. One only has to make tasks written at the cards, and the roles are defined with the draw. The game has 4 stages: white, yellow, pink and red. The darker is the forfeit, the "hotter" is the task. These are the stages of sexual relationships: the anticipation, flirting, foreplay and intercourse itself. Thus the partners have an unusual scenario for the evening, as well as the opportunity to have fun and get excited about the game.

A package has been designed for this very game; the game itself with the use of well-known Durex product was thoroughly thought out.

Durex relieves sexual relationships, offers ready scenarios of intercourse and arranges the romantic evening just before it. Durex may become the first worldwide brand that knows everything about sex and love! The most memorable and exciting moments are possible only with Durex. It will bring an association that Durex not only manufactures condoms, but also takes care about manifestation of the most beautiful feelings and emotions between the lovers while making love.

Durex raises the relationship between a man and a woman to the next level, revealing the secrets of attraction, love and sex!



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