Dutch Lady infant formula packaging

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Promotion of Dutch Lady infant formula

Objective: developing of a packaging design for milk formula for children over 3 years. This was a new product in the market. And in order to attract the attention of young milk lovers it was necessary to think up a version of the product promotion and disclose the idea in the advertising posters and elements of packaging design.

A giraffe, a bright, lovely and positive character has been selected to promote the product. The character has an interesting color and you can not meet it in your everyday life. Little giraffe’s name is Djaffy. Another plus of it is the fact that it is well suited to demonstrate the use of a toy construction set, which will attract the kids’ attention. The main idea: drinking milk can be fun! For children to have a desire to try “Djaffy Kid” milk we offer children not to simply drink it, but drink and play at the same time. Drinking milk can be fun, if you drink it through an unusual straw. To do this, you have to collect a small construction set which is to be sold together with the formula packaging. Packing of “Djaffy Kid” formula from Dutch Lady looks colorful and makes you want to try drinking milk through a long straw like Djaffy does. The idea of product promotion won the 2nd prize in the packaging design competition in 2014. (Dutch Lady).

студия выиграла приз дизайна упаковки 2014 год


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