"Odessa Guide" booklet

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The studio has developed design and layout of the booklet for tourists

The studio had a task to develop a brand new guide through Odessa. It was supposed to be a tour guide with the excursion program for tourists visiting the Southern Palmyra. Designers have developed not only the design of the booklet, but they also thought out two travel itineraries, covering the most interesting and beautiful places of the city. Routes are designed the way to provide for a two-day stay in the city. On each of the two days a tourist can travel through the historic part of the city, visiting different sights every day. Both routes cover the maximum number of historical monuments and outstanding places. To this purpose, three maps were developed and drawn. The travel directions marked on them as well as miniatures depicting the outstanding sights to be visited. The most intriguing and interesting stories about them are at the pages of the Guide.



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