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A Booklet for Tom.m
Exhibition stand for Hurom
New Style Logo
Corporate identity for "Furniture Studio №1"
Facade of Kiev department store
Logo for Strela Travel
New Year’s card
A booklet for Burgermax™
Style for Hurom compa
Dutch Lady infant formula packaging
Branding of cars
Packaging for Ukrainska Maslyanochka sunflower seeds
A game for Durex
Color Purity
"Odessa Guide" booklet
Packaging for NESCAFE
A logo for Fashion Factory
Logo for Strela Travel

NB Studio creates bold ideas and embodies them in graphic images. Studio’s designers can depict almost everything in a variety of styles and directions; they can design a logo and corporate identity, make an effective design for advertising, and develop a stylish packaging and many other things.

Logo design

Everyone knows that a perfect and unique logo does not deteriorate with the laps of time, but becomes the foundation of your company's image. It becomes being a brand that brings you profit. Therefore studio takes the development of the company's logo most seriously. You can order a logo after filling in a detailed brief in Studio NB. To design a logo in our studio means to lay the foundation of a successful future of your company. The way we create beautiful and stylish logos. We analyze and examine all the details. Then we make sketches and drafts of the logo; thoroughly scrutinize all the information received, form an associative array of pictures, photos and color schemes. As a result we get a visual image, an unconventional logo that captures the mood and plays the most important role in brand communication with the consumer. To order a logo in our studio is to get bright branding ideas, naming, exclusive font tracings and professional approach.

Development of corporate identity

Beginning with the name and market positioning and to visual identification systems we form a whole positive image of the brand and develop a company’s corporate style. We form elements of the corporate identity, such as logo design, corporate identity development (style), color and emotional components, graphical elements of corporate identity and advertising concept vector. Our team works together to develop the brand style; we begin with brainstorming and work over different ideas. Starting from the logo we move on to color spots and associative pictures. After the main element approval, we form communications systems, necessary to this very brand: stationery, printing, navigation signs and others. You can order a corporate identity after filling in a brief for the company style development.

Development of the company advertising

NB Studio develops advertising for companies. You can order a layout for outdoor advertising after filling in an application form for ad development. Creative Design Studio offers a professional approach to the development of advertising layouts, such as leaflets, posters and placards. We love non-standard projects and always surprise our clients with excellent results, as we highlight the strengths of your company with the advertising message. We define a good image, and find interesting solution. After that we put it together into an advertising concept.

We design beautiful packages

In order to make a stylish package we begin with a dialogue; we try to understand what kind of information and which way should be depicted on the packaging for its bright and attractive appearance could make one grasp the good. Designers know that in order to form a concept of a unique packaging one has to analyze the competitive environment and the company's strengths. Studio develops a packaging design most creatively; the entire team gathers to discuss different ideas. As a result, we realize the most interesting and spectacular ones of them. So the goods get an advantageous look among the competitors.

Website design

The studio makes design of websites and web interfaces. We create beautiful websites by turning ideas into interactive tools of business promotion. Our designers create a website design using the filled in application form as basis, so you can safely order a website of any complexity. Creative approach to website design and professional performance of the technical issues will undoubtedly meet your expectations. The site development begins with a detailed filling in the technical specification, with answering all the questions, making sketches of information blocks and discussing all the main function of the product. You can order a website design in our studio after making a contract and 50 % project cost prepayment. We are waiting for your inquiries to NB studio!